Origin Soap

Nova Production Unit, Cherukulathoor, Kozhikode

It is used for preventing dandruff, black acne, blackening, allergies, scars, scabies and fungal diseases. It is a unique formula which enhances color of skin and natural protection.

Moish shampoo

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, 24 vittal mallya road, Bangalore Urban

Pure, pristine and nourishing formulations deep cleanse, exfoliates, tones, messages which enhance and bring freshness in every pore of skin. All these help in maintaining texture, clarity firmness an

Denz&Darc shampoo

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, 24 vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore Urban

Denz & Darc Oil ensures complete nourishment to the hair root by providing proteins and vitamins required for hair growth, by increasing blood circulation to the scalp, and thus nourishing the cells r

Vaidya Vrindavanam Ayurveda Hospital

, Haripad, city

Vaidya Vrindavanam Ayurveda Hospital is best ayurveda centers in kerala.