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Vinod Kumar


 Posted On: 21-08-2018




Dear Dairy farmer friends, ?""HIGH YIELDING (15 TO 30 LITRES) COWS AVAILABLE"" We are supplying cows to dairy farmers all over Kerala,Tamil nadu, Andra pradesh,karnataka. ph : 07639299186 Breeds we have : HF(Holstein- friesian), Jersey,sindhi , Cross breed HF, Cross Jersey cows � HF,jersey heifers (calf) Mostly we have supplied many cows and buffaloes to Tamilnadu ,Kerala ,Andra dairy farmers. Our service: 1.Currently we are supplying cows to Hatsun(Arogya), and Aavin(Govt) dairy farmers,Milma dairy Farmers(Kerala), 2.We have good healthy cows all are vaccinated periodically. 3.We provide Feeding chart and proper guidance to our customers . 4.we are running a dairy sales farm totally 50 cows available here. 5.We are a genuine dairy farmers we are running a dairy farm since 1966. 6.Shed plan and Dairy projects and feeding solution available. 8.Absolutely provide free consultation about various breeds and availability through phone 9.Day-by-day tips to our customers to maintain milk level in cows and buffaloes 10.We have tie- up with many agencies all over India these agencies send customer to our farm as we are supplying good and healthy cows. 11. We have supplied more than 15,000 cows and buffaloes to Tamil nadu, kerala, karnataka. 12. Providing health certificate and history of cows. 13.We provide complete Online- Dairy farm Training to new dairy farm starters. 14.Buyer May check Milk yield before purchase of Milking Cows. Transportation of Cows : we have our own vehicles so we charge only for DIESEL PRICE to Kerala,Tamilnadu Cows rates : 15 Litres = 43,000 to 48,000 20 litres = Above 50,000 25 Litres = Above 60,0000 30 Litres = Above 70,000 (Prices may be varied depends on height, weight , pregnancy times, breed, etc.) We have very healthy and good cows only Please feel free to call. Thank you, Address: Murugan dairy farm Uppidamangalam, Karur(district) Tamil nadu. Ph: 07639299186 TO SEE PICTURES OF NEW OR AVAILABLE COWS WHATSAPP NO : 07639280888 Pls find attached the pictures of cows , Thanks

Avaliable Quantity : 30

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