Ashoka Plants - Saraca asoca Caesalpiniaceae

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Pala Villa house, Thuvayoor South, Adoor, PTA dist. Kerala

 Posted On: 08-11-2016



Common name Sita Ashok or sorrow-less tree. In Sanskrit, it is called Ashoka. Botanical name and family Botanical name – Saraca asoca Family- CaesalpiniaceaeThe bark can be separated from 10 years older trees or more than that. All parts of the tree such as bark, leaves, flowers and seeds are used medicinally. Due to its medicinal value, it is known as a universal plant.

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Dhantapala Plants - Wrightia Tinctoria Pala indigo - Duhi, M

Samuel, Adoor

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES : Plant pacify vitiated tridoshas, fever, stomach ache, skin diseases especially psoriasis and non-specific dermatitis. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff properties and hence is used in hair oil preparations.Botanical Name :Wrightia Tinctoria Family : Appocynaceae SANSKRIT SYNONYMS : Svetakutaja, Hayamaraka NAMES IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES : English :Sweet Indrajao, Ivory wood, Pala indigo plant. Hindi : Duhi, Mitaindarjau Kapar Malayalam : Dandappala, Ayyappala, Vettupala Marathi: Kala kuda

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