Rubland Rubber Smoke House

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Soy Peter

Rubland Pallikamuri THodupuzha

 Posted On: 24-10-2016



Rubland rubber smoke house is widely used by the planters of the rubber trees. After Tapping the rubber milk will be converted into plane rubber sheets with a machine, after that the sheets should dry. If it dry in sunlight, their may be a chances of melting of the sheets and more over the inside parts of the sheets wont be dry properly. This type of rubber sheets are very low graded and the time taken to dry will also more. For avoiding the above problems, we are introducing the new product which can dry the rubber sheets within 72hours without any burns to the sheets. In our product the rubber sheets will dry with the smoke coming from the fire woods. The smoke is directed and contained for a while in our smoke house chamber

Avaliable Quantity : 150

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