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Advance Machinery Corporation

Advance Machinery Corporation Kattoor Tamilnadu

 Posted On: 10-03-2016



Liquid Filling Machine (Syruper) is an ideal machine for pumping accurate quantities of water, milk, juice, syrups, oils, medicines, liquid blue and all other such free flowing liquids.

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Aerosol Can Crimping Machine

Advance Machinery Corporation, Kattoor

The cap to be crimped with the valve is placed on the mouth of the filled can. The height adjustment is made according to the height of the can. The handle is then pressed. The Crimping Collets open and crimp the cap. The crimped Can may now be removed from the machine. Any Can may be crimped, but the Crimping Collets must be designed according to its size. An average production of about 6 Cans per minute can be achieved. However, this depends on the dexterity of the operator

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